Tips for Accessing Your Olympia Storage Unit

Admin | January 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Winter may be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop visiting your Olympia self-storage unit. In fact, you may be visiting your self-storage even more if you’re storing seasonal items inside, like a snowblower or holiday decorations.

Despite the unpredictable weather, Extra Storage has a quick guide so you can still safely and easily access our Olympia storage units all winter long.


Salt Your Self-Storage Unit Entrance

The best way to eliminate slips and falls is to use concrete-friendly rock salt at the entrance of your self-storage unit. Rock salt will melt the ice and snow that come during Olympia’s winters, and that will keep your Olympia storage unit easy and safe to access despite inclement weather.

Rock salt is generally available from most hardware stores and many grocery stores for just a few dollars a bag. Simply spread the salt where you’re going to walk and let it do its work melting ice and snow and providing good traction to walk on.

Account for Leaks and Humidity


Another important item for accessing your Olympia storage unit in winter is to account for leaks and humidity.

Keep in mind that things freeze and expand in the cold weather, and depending on what you have in storage, items could burst and leak. If you’re storing things like lawnmowers or motorbikes, drain the gas before storage to prevent gas from leaking. Check your items before the winter comes to make sure nothing will break, freeze, or leak in the cold.

Also, consider a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Climate-controlled self-storage units allow you to account for the changes in weather by controlling the temperature inside your unit. Ask Extra Storage about your climate-controlled options at our Olympia storage facilities.

Use WD-40 on Your Lock

Olympia’s cold and rainy winters make perfect conditions for rust and corrosion for your storage unit lock, so this is an easy fix that will save plenty of time down the road:


Simply oil your Olympia self-storage unit lock with WD-40 or something similar. This will keep the rust out and ensure you can get in and out of your unit no matter what the weather conditions are.

Package and Store Items Correctly

Last, be sure to package and store items inside your unit correctly. If it’s an item that could be damaged by the cold, be sure to wrap it in blankets or towels for protection. If it’s something that may freeze and burst, it’s a good idea to keep that item inside your home or in a climate-controlled unit.

Always box and package items properly to account for humidity and weather changes. Never pack your Olympia storage unit too high or too full so you won’t have to be climbing around on boxes during winter. Pack heaviest items on the bottom so things don’t fall on you or crush your lighter items during storage.

Ready to get an Olympia storage unit? Extra Storage makes it easy, fast, and affordable to rent and access your self-storage unit all year long.