3 Ways to Handle Cold Weather Storage Better

Admin | February 18, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

The winter season brings unpredictable weather, especially in the Pacific Northwest. What does the change of season mean for your items in self-storage?

The best way to protect your valuables through cold weather is to rent storage units that are climate-controlled. But, even in climate-controlled units — and especially in those units that are not — these tips will help keep your items safe through the winter. 

Protect From Moisture

If you’re using Olympia self-storage, you know that winter in Washington is wet. Rain or snow is likely about half of the days in the month. Even though your items are inside a storage unit, you can always take the extra step to protect them from moisture in the air and the chance of water sneaking in. Never store items on the ground. All valuables should be stored in airtight containers and not left loose. Use desiccator packets to absorb moisture in the air and protect electronics. 

Prep Bikes and Lawn Mowers

Bicycles and lawnmowers are common items placed in Olympia Storage through the winter months. Keep bike tires inflated and hang the bike or place it upside down to help protect the rims and the tires. Be sure that chains are well-lubricated. For lawnmowers, empty the fuel, and change the oil before storing it. Clean off any remaining grass, leaves or dirt to help keep the rest of your storage unit clean. 

Remove Hazardous Items

Some items weather the weather better than others. To prevent unfortunate or even hazardous messes, remove aerosol cans (like air fresheners, shaving creams, and hair spray), canned goods, detergents and cleaning supplies like window cleaners and bleach from your storage unit.