Hidden Storage Hacks For Olympia Apartments

Admin | July 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Apartments are affordable and convenient, but often not large enough for families to live comfortably. That's why many renters turn to hidden storage hacks in order to maximize their living space and live without clutter. We've put together some clever storage hacks to help get you more space to live in your apartment without any discomfort or clutter. Keep reading and get some storage ideas that make your home more comfortable. 

Take Advantage of Hidden Spaces for Storage

The first place you should optimize in your apartment is all the out-of-the-way areas in your home you wouldn't consider for storage. Things like the gap between the refrigerator and the wall, the space under a sofa, room under your washer and dryer, and the backs of your cabinets all make powerful storage locations.

Get a lift for your couch and add drawers and other storage devices under this furniture in your living room. Add shelves on the backs of some of your kitchen cabinets and a narrow shelf between your refrigerator and the kitchen wall for spice storage. Add storage boxes under your bed and consider pedestals for your washer and dryer to hold detergent, dryer sheets, and your other essentials. 

Invest in Secret Compartments Around the House

Once you've leveraged those not so obvious spaces, it's time to create some spaces as well. Add storage boxes, trunks, book fronts, and other clever storage items to your home. Consider upgrading bookshelves with boxes designed with book fronts to give you extra space for small objects without adding a cluttered look to your space. You can even add in seating with built-in storage for guests to sit comfortably. Extra storage boxes don't open up new space, but they do help you store your valuables without giving your home a cluttered look. 

Get Tall Storage Shelves

Many times when you just don't have the space you need to hold books, DVDs, and other collections it's because you're using short storage shelves and stands. Invest in taller storage options that will maximize the space you have for all your goodies. 

Consider an Olympia Self-Storage Facility

Once you've exhausted the storage potential of your Olympia apartment, it's time to consider Olympia storage units for the extra space you need. You can get storage that ranges in size from as little as a compact storage locker up to a 10' x 30' garage-sized space when you have large storage requirements.

Find a quality Olympia storage space to keep your belongings that offer security and climate-control and you can live comfortably in your apartment without limiting the items you own. 

Using just a few of these hidden storage hacks could be all it takes to open up your apartment living space in a big way. Keep these ideas in mind when trying to create a more comfortable living environment. You can also use self-storage like the units offered at Extra Storage to avoid upgrading to larger housing and save money while living comfortably.