Hold Onto Your Nostalgia: Storage Solutions for Sentimental Items

Admin | December 7, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Hold Onto Your Nostalgia: Storage Solutions for Sentimental Items

Let’s face it: as we get older and start moving around sometimes we find that we need to save on space. Some examples could be moving into a dorm or an apartment for college, downsizing a home, or deciding to live more of a nomadic lifestyle. And while there’s plenty of clutter you can get rid of, there are also sentimental items that you’ll want to hold onto. Luckily, utilizing storage units can free up some extra storage. However, there are a few steps you should take before seeking the right service.


Make a Checklist of All Your Sentimental Items

Your first step should be to make a checklist of all the sentimental items you want to keep. This process can include dividing items that you would like to keep with you from items you would like to place into extra storage. Some factors can include whether an item is currently functional for your everyday needs, if the item is fragile and worth a lot, or if an item simply takes up too much space. 

Securely Pack Your Items for Storage Units

Some sentimental items might require extra measures to keep safe such as precious heirlooms that need sturdier boxes or a wedding dress that needs protection from moths and other insects. Make sure that each sentimental item is properly stored and protected inside the storage unit.

Picking the Right Service 

Lastly, you’ll want to pick the right storage service. While there are many options, Olympia storage is a top-tier choice that combines cost-effective rates with excellent customer service! 


Using Olympia Self Storage

Choosing the right storage unit for your sentimental items is a process that includes making a checklist of all your items, properly storing and protecting them, and choosing the right service. Luckily, Olympia self storage units are ideal for safeguarding all your items and providing you with extra storage. They have a variety of spaces and sizes available and will keep your sentimental items safe!