Manage Your Home Cleaning Checklist with Storage

Admin | July 21, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

With spring in full force and summer just around the corner, you may feel the urge to do some regular thorough cleaning around your home.

If you’ve got some cleaning to do, don’t worry, because Extra self-storage in Olympia has some ideas for how you can manage your home cleaning checklist — and how we can help.


Create a Game Plan

The first step to any successful cleaning checklist is to have a good game plan. Plan out what you want to clean, when you want to have it done, and who you want to involve (family, friends, professional movers or cleaners). Decide where you’re going to put excess items, whether that be to donate, throw away or store inside a storage unit.

Planning ahead makes the job much easier to actually get done. Plan to break your cleaning checklist down into smaller sections, possibly by room in your home. Taking a big project in bite-sized chunks will make it much easier, and a good game plan will help you know exactly what you have to get done and when.



After you’ve made your plan, the next step is to downsize everything possible. Oftentimes, your home may not be as messy as it is cluttered, so the less stuff you have inside, the better.
The simplest way to downsize is to make a few piles or bins, and then decide what to put where based on usage. Make one pile for trash, and toss out any items that are broken, used, and otherwise unusable if they’re things you don’t use anymore.

The next pile is for items to donate or sell. Items that can still be used are a great idea to donate to a local charity or thrift store or consider holding a garage sale.

Next, create a pile for things you want to keep. These are things you use daily, things you can’t live without, and things that you’ll want to keep on hand. Make sure to organize these items so they don’t cause unnecessary clutter.

Last, create a pile of items for storage. These may be items you want to keep but don’t necessarily need to have on hand all the time. Our Olympia self-storage is a great place to keep items that may be taking up space or causing clutter around your home.


Schedule Time and Make It Happen


Third, now that you’ve made a plan and downsized and decluttered, set time in your week to keep going on your cleaning checklist. Life can be much easier if you schedule in the important things, and things like a cleaning checklist are easy to toss by the wayside if they’re not a priority.

Schedule time for cleaning and then make sure you stick to it. Small blocks of time can make big differences, so never underestimate what even the smallest amount of work can do when it comes to cleaning.


Extra Storage in Olympia Has Room For Your Items

A major part of managing your cleaning checklist is just keeping your home’s clutter under control. Extra Storage’s Olympia storage units are a great way to keep items you want but just don’t need around all the time out of the way.

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