Manage Your Cluttercore Obsession with Self-Storage

Admin | September 16, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Manage Your Cluttercore Obsession with Self-Storage


There are two types of people in this world: those who can keep everything perfectly clean and organized, and those of us who accidentally leave a mess, create clutter everywhere we go and could maybe use the help of a little self storage


Luckily, for all of us naturally disorganized people, there’s a new interior design style that’s taking the world by storm: cluttercore. 


What is “cluttercore”?


As the name suggests, cluttercore is all about celebrating the large amounts of stuff that we accumulate throughout our lives. It’s the complete opposite of minimalism. Rather than focusing on getting rid of things, it instead focuses on gathering more so you can have enough to fill all of the empty spaces in your home with things you love. The overall effect is a cosy, lived-in look that evokes a sense of safety, peace, and familiarity. 


Though the whole idea of cluttercore is to get more and add to your various collections, it’s not hoarding. And it’s not creating a big mess of random piles, mounds, and stacks. Cluttercore is all about strategically creating a place where you can appreciate everything you own. You can even create cluttercore in small spaces or just a single room. The key is to keep sentimentality at the heart of your cluttercore decor and use a good balance of items and furniture. 


How Self-Storage Can Help


If you’re one of many who are embracing this new way of displaying life, then you absolutely need to think about using self storage to help you manage your latest obsession. Though new and different, cluttercore can be dangerous. If you’re not careful, it can quickly go from a stylish mess to outright hoarding.


Storage units are a great way to put some limits on yourself and make sure you aren’t letting the clutter overtake you. If you’re running out of space and fear you may be crossing the line into the hoarding zone, consider getting some additional storage to help spread things out. With self storage, you’ll never have to get rid of cherished possessions again. Just temporarily pack away a few items until you find a bigger space to display them. 


You can even use your storage unit to store various collections so you can change your cluttercore themes throughout the year. Display your collection of vintage records for a few months, then swap it out for your favorite books and photos. Tired of using the old leather couch? Don’t get rid of it. Just put it into storage and bring out your big, red reading chair instead. 


Not only is storage a great option for when your cluttercore starts to outgrow your space, but it’s also great for helping you store items while you’re still growing your collection. To achieve the cluttercore vibe, you have to have enough items to fill the entire space. Preferably, you want to make it look like everything fits, but it’s a tight squeeze. A storage unit can safely store all of your items until your collection has grown large enough to properly fill the space you need it to so you can skip the awkward transition to cluttercore aesthetic. 


What to Look for in The Perfect Cluttercore Storage Unit


When it comes to finding storage for your collection of stuff, there are a couple things you’ll want to look for. 


The first thing you need to do is find a reputable storage company with secure facilities that are capable of protecting your items. For example, at Olympia self storage, we have a gated entry, 24-hour cameras, and alarmed units. We also offer tenant insurance to add an additional layer of protection against accidents and unexpected events. 


Next, you need to make sure the storage unit is suitable for the type of item you’re storing. Many items used to create cluttercore vibes are older, vintage items like books and photographs that are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. For these items, you’ll need a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent damage from environmental changes. Some facilities like Olympia storage offer both regular storage units as well as climate-controlled units. Be sure to get the right kind when you reserve your unit. 


Lastly, you’ll want to select the right size. Something you can grow into, but that isn’t so big that you are paying for extra space you don’t need. In general, the larger the storage unit is, the higher the overall cost. Find a storage unit that meets your needs but doesn’t exceed your budget. 


Ready to get some help managing your cluttercore obsession? Browse available Olympia Storage units online and reserve yours today!