Using Olympia Self-Storage for Your Bedroom Organization

Admin | March 8, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Now that spring is finally here, you may feel the urge to do a bit of spring cleaning and organization. If so, you’re not alone, as 77% of Americans do some sort of spring cleaning each year.

Extra Storage has a few tips for organizing your bedroom this spring to make home feel a little less cluttered and chaotic.


First, Declutter and Donate 

The first tip for bedroom organization may be the hardest, because it involves getting rid of things: Declutter and donate.

Make a few different piles, one for items to keep, one for items to store, and one for items to get rid of. It may help to have a friend or family member handy so you have a second opinion on these things. If it’s something you use all the time, keep it in your bedroom. If it’s not used much or is seasonal, put it in a pile to store in your storage unit.That way, your items can be safe and secure but still out of your bedroom. And, if it’s something you can live without, donate it or trash it.

Second, Save Space By Using the Wall

If you have a dresser or nightstand in your bedroom, you may have noticed how it tends to attract clutter. Rather than set things there, use the space on your wall.

Instead of putting artwork or photographs on your nightstand or dresser where they’re taking up space and getting in the way, make space on your bedroom wall to hang them. This way, it saves space and will probably be looked at and appreciated more! 

Third, Use Hanging Racks

This tip goes along with tip two, and it will save you even more space. Rather than have your shoes all over the place or your socks in a drawer where one always gets inevitably lost, use hanging racks to store your items.

Hanging racks take up much less space than just leaving your stuff on your floor, and they help with organization too. Try storing your socks on a hanging rack and you’ll be surprised at how much less often one goes missing!

However, if you find you have too many items to store on hanging racks and your bedroom still feels unorganized, consider an Olympia storage unit for extra things. Self-storage can help you feel a bit more relaxed at home because your home won’t feel so crowded with stuff.

Fourth, Have a Catch All Basket or Bin 

Our last bedroom organization tip is to simply keep a basket or bin in your bedroom and use it as a “catch all.”

You may notice that any open space in your bedroom attracts things, and somehow your papers and notebooks and cell phone charger and everything else ends up on any flat space. A catch all basket or bin is a great place to put your odds and ends. You’ll know exactly where they are and it reduces the clutter by putting everything into one small place.

If your catch all is overflowing, consider Olympia storage to reduce some of your bedroom clutter and keep your extra items safe.

Extra Storage Olympia Self-Storage Can Help With Bedroom Organization 

This spring, if you need a bit more extra space to get your bedroom feeling nice and organized, Extra Storage has the storage solutions in Olympia you need. We have six self-storage unit sizes, and always have specials and promotions including daily deals. We have exactly what you need at Extra Storage, so visit us online and see how you can get started.