Prepare for the Holidays with Olympia Self-Storage

Admin | November 9, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Each year as the holiday season approaches, you have to work to pull out all your decorations to dress up your home and make it stand out for the season. This process can leave your home looking sloppy as you move all those boxes around, and it can be time-consuming if you don't know where all your decorations are. It’s even worse for people that don't have a dedicated holiday storage space to work with. 

If your home feels cluttered, or you can't find your decorations each season, you should consider investing in Olympia storage units, specifically for holding holiday decorations. The small amount you pay for this storage will help you keep your decorations neatly tucked away until you need them.

Not only will the right unit help you remain organized, but it will make your home look neater as well and will probably save you time each season as you have to store some decorations and take others out. Learn how to use holiday storage to the best of its capabilities with the guide below. 

Packaging Up Your Holiday Decorations

Before your decorations can go to the self-storage unit you've selected, they have to be packaged for protection. Choose plastic containers with sealing lids for the ultimate in moisture protection. You can also use standard cardboard boxes, but they are best when you have a climate-controlled storage space to work with, otherwise, moisture could become an issue.

Take your time and separate your decorations based on the holiday they are for and label each container carefully so you can pull out the ones you need for each holiday. If you take your time packing things up, you'll find storing your decorations to be much easier to do each year. 

Easy DIY Storage Solutions

As you're trying to package up some of the more difficult decorations, such as strands of lights, a wreath, and breakable ornaments, you need to think about how you'll package them to keep them organized and in good condition. Strands of lights can be wrapped around cardboard, plant hangers, coffee cans, or other cylindrical objects you have in your home. Wrap them tightly and tie or tape them down at the edges to prevent tangles. 

Try and pack wreaths into their original containers or place them in bags and hang them in tall containers to be placed into storage. For ornaments, it's best to keep them separated. Shoe boxes filled with small sections of cardboard as dividers work well for this purpose. Add in tissue paper or bubble wrap for additional padding and you won't get stuck with many broken ornaments at all. 

Deciding on Storage Units

Even after you've utilized those cool holiday storage ideas to help you create space in your home, you're probably going to run into a time when your house starts feeling crowded. This is when you need to look for Olympia storage that has room for your decorations.

To determine how much space you'll need, gather your containers of decorations into neat piles in one room in your home. Measure how much space the containers take up and use those measurements to help you choose a storage unit for your decorations. 

Make the Most of Your Unit

Now that you've packed your decorations into protective containers, and you have the storage in Olympia, that you need to hold those decorations. It's time to make the most of that space. When putting away your decorations it's important to stack them as high as you can while also keeping your decorations sorted by the holiday. You should have stacks of boxes and containers for each holiday and a bit of space in between the stacks if possible.

It's important to leave walking space so you can access the decorations for every holiday individually. Try to layout the containers of decorations to make getting them out as convenient as possible. You'll be so glad you took the time to sort out your unit in this way when it's finally time to begin pulling out your decorations. 

If you really commit to keeping your storage unit organized, and to packing up your decorations with care to prevent them from taking damage, you should be able to decorate more conveniently than before. You'll find it easier to get the holiday decorations you need, your home will have less clutter and your decorations will remain in better shape as the years go by.