3 Ways to Better Organize Your Bathroom Using Storage

Admin | July 2, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If it seems like your bathroom is always cluttered and chaotic, don’t worry, you’re not alone. For many of us, it seems like the bathroom always has more items than space, and since making your bathroom bigger is often not an option, the best thing you can do is improve your bathroom storage.

Extra Storage in Olympia has 3 ways to better organize your bathroom using storage. These tips should help your bathroom feel a little more controlled and less crazy.


Use the Space Under the Sink 

If you feel like your bathroom needs more space, consider looking for places to store things that typically go unused. The space under the sink is often neglected or left to be taken over by dirt and dust, so take that space back!

If you find that your under-sink space is full of junk, consider using Olympia self-storage to move things that aren’t as important into our storage units. Take items that don’t necessarily need to be in your bathroom and move them into our Olympia storage, and save room inside your bathroom for items that absolutely need to be in there.


Use Drawer and Cabinet Organizers

Another simple trick that can help get your bathroom organized is to use drawer and cabinet organizers.

Bathroom drawers are notorious for having all sorts of random items in them, but somehow never being able to find what’s needed when you want it. Eliminate that problem by using a drawer organizer, which can help you keep things in their right places.

Similarly, using cabinet organizers can be just as helpful. Keep the prime real estate, the room at the front of the drawer or cabinet, for items that you use most frequently. As you move back to the less desirable space, fill it with things you need but don’t use all the time. Finally, when you are out of space, move the things that are left into a storage unit or a different room.


Use Clear Plastic to Organize


Whether you’re organizing your bathroom, bedroom, or even your Olympia storage unit, clear plastic is going to be a great way to organize.

Not only are plastic bins and drawers durable and cost-effective, they are also see-through making it easy to know exactly what’s inside. Rather than having to open drawer after drawer and cabinet after cabinet, use clear bins and label them with what’s inside. You’ll never have to search through places again. Also, clear plastic is easy to keep clean and dust-free.


Let Extra Storage Olympia Help Keep You Organized

Whether you need a large or small storage unit, Extra Storage in Olympia can help. Visit our website to see handy sizing guides and to see what sizes and amenities we offer. Call us at 360-209-7270 with any questions, and ask about our current specials and promotions.