Retiring & Downsizing with Self Storage

Admin | September 2, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

 Retiring & Downsizing with Self Storage


Coming up on retirement, you may have feelings of both excitement and trepidation. It's finally time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and do whatever you want to do all day every day!

This phase of life also requires you to make important decisions such as where to reside, hobbies and activities to spend your time on and bringing your dreams to reality. There are a few ways that self-storage can assist you in managing and navigating retirement that Extra Storage offers.

Use Olympia Storage For Downsizing

When people retire, they often wonder whether they should live in their longtime home or if they should find something more manageable and smaller.

If you do decide to move and downsize, the biggest challenge can be to manage your belongings. Rather than just throwing things out to try and fit your new place, consider using our Olympia storage units.

Extra Storage’s Olympia self-storage can help store your items, giving you time to decide what to toss and what to keep.

Enjoy Your Best Days


After years of hard work, this is your time to enjoy yourself without any stress and the worries of work. Whether you have dreamed of traveling around the world or are planning to stay home, it’s your time to shine!

While you are running towards your dreams, leaving your belongings in an empty home might not be a great idea. This is where storage units come into play. Using our Olympia storage units, you can store your lifetime of items and memories while you’re out making new ones.


Find New Hobbies

Finding a new hobby might be the best way to spend your time after retirement. You can keep yourself busy while enjoying what you are doing. At the same time, you will also be engaging people around you.


Whether it’s golf, painting, or any number of other hobbies, they often take equipment and supplies. Rather than cluttering up your home or garage, store your new toys in self-storage to leave more space in your home for other things.


Never Miss Your Memories

You will certainly want to keep photographs that you have taken throughout your life and other priceless items that are your best memories. If you are moving or downsizing your home or heading out to travel, this may be a challenge.

At Extra Storage, we have a solution to your problem. You can use Extra Storage’s Olympia storage units to safely store your memories. We will take care of everything and you can also retrieve your items whenever you want, knowing they’ve been kept safe and secure.


Ready to retire? Great! It’s time to enjoy your best days with friends and family. Call us today at 360-209-7270 so we can help keep your items safe.