Deep Clean Your Storage Unit With These Tips

Admin | February 8, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Now that spring is close, you’ve probably cleaned your house, so what’s next? Giving your storage units a deep clean is a great idea to free up space and ensure your stored items stay in perfect condition.

Even though deep cleaning your self-storage may seem like a big task, it’s not terrible if you break it down and follow these tips from Extra Storage, Olympia’s self-storage experts.

Tip #1: Throw Away or Donate Items


A great life tip is to downsize using what LifeStorage calls the “Four-Box Declutter Method.” This works for decluttering everything from your home to your RV to your Olympia self-storage unit.

Essentially, you make four spaces while you’re deep cleaning. The first box is for things to keep. The second is for things to store. The third is for items to donate, and the last is for things to trash or recycle. Since some things may have sentimental value, it may help to have a friend or family member present who can help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

If it’s an item you use frequently, keep it, likely in your living space. If it’s something you use but not frequently, such as seasonal decorations, keep it in your Olympia storage unit. And if it’s not used and in decent shape, donate it. Everything you don’t need or didn't know you had can be trashed or recycled.

Tip #2: Have a Plan


The good news about deep cleaning your Olympia storage space is that it doesn’t always need to be the entire unit being cleaned.

Make a plan first and decide what’s most important. If you want to declutter, it may take you more time than if you just want to dust off boxes and rearrange.

Decide what you need to do first, and stick to the job at hand. It’s easy to get distracted as you find fun or interesting items of yours in your storage unit, but stick to what you’re trying to accomplish and save the fun stuff for later.


Tip #3: Check Your Items While They’re Out


One great benefit to deep cleaning your self-storage is it gives you a chance to check everything inside your unit.

When you have boxes out to clean around and behind them, open the boxes and make sure the condition is good. If you have problems with pests, or insects, be sure to check for any food items that you may have in your unit. Even packaged items, like granola bars, birdseed, ramen and canned goods can attract unwanted pests. Do a deep clean of your unit first, then consider getting your storage unit sprayed for bugs and use things like mothballs to prevent this in the future.

If you are noticing items being damaged by humidity or temperature changes, consider switching to a climate-controlled unit.

Tip #4: Put Things Back in Order

The last step to deep cleaning your Olympia storage unit is to simply put it back together, but to do it right.

Even though you might be exhausted, don’t just fill your unit randomly, as this will create more work for you in the future. Put things back in a logical order arranged by frequency of use.

If you use something a lot, put it near the front so you won’t have to look for it each time you need it. Put heavy items on the bottom. Wrap valuables and fragile items in blankets, towels, or clothing to prevent them from being damaged. Simply put, put your storage unit back together in a manner that will make it easy to use in the future.

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