Home Storage Ideas to Transform Your Space

Admin | September 14, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Many people move into an apartment in an effort to save money or because they don't believe they need very much living space. Living in an apartment can feel cramped at times though, especially if you don't have your space optimized effectively. That's why we assembled some useful home storage ideas you can use to bump up your organization and help you make your apartment feel roomier and more comfortable. 

Declutter and Remove

Before you start remaking your apartment, it's important to be sure that you're only trying to store items that are important to you. Investing hundreds or thousands of dollars on furniture, shelving and dozens of hours remaking your space is a huge waste if you're just storing junk you don't need.

Start by sorting through all your belongings and getting rid of duplicate items or things you wouldn’t use if they weren’t in an Olympia storage unit. You can donate these items, sell them, or give them away as well. You can also put some of your seasonal items into an Olympia storage unit until you're ready to use them. Once you're finished with this step you will be ready to start organizing your home. 

Make Liberal Use of Wall Shelving

One simple tip that can really enhance your home organization is to utilize any bare walls you have in your apartment for additional self-storage. The best way you can do this is by adding wall shelving. Invest in some basic wall shelving in the rooms in your home that need more space. These shelves will give you room to organize your belongings and give everything a home. 

Get Furniture with Built-in Storage

Another home storage hack is to remove furniture pieces that only serve a single purpose, and replace them with items that add functional storage to your space. You can often create useful home storage options around your home just by investing in better furniture items. Swap in a coffee table with drawers for your more traditional table. Consider an ottoman with a storage compartment over a more traditional footstool. 

Match Your Furniture to Your Space

If one area of your apartment just doesn't feel like it's being optimized properly, it probably isn't. One of the biggest mistakes that renters make is getting the wrong kind of furniture for a room. A simple example of this is putting an oversized dining room table in a small dining room. It leaves the space feeling small and can leave everyone feeling uncomfortable as well.

Move any pieces of furniture that don't fit away to self-storage. Now, invest in some better pieces of furniture that do your space justice. You should consider something like an expandable dining room table that's compact for a few people most of the time, and enlarges for family gatherings if you have a small dining room. Consider the shape of the room and match furniture to that shape for a natural look and feel. 

Reinvent Spaces for Multiple Purposes

Another common issue that people struggle with if they don't have enough home storage space is not maximizing their rooms. You can often convert a room to have multiple purposes and clear out some unnecessary furniture in the process. By adding a simple fold-out table to the dining room, you can create a compact office space in your home without dedicating a room to an office.

You can also invest in a pull-out sofa to use your living room as a guest bedroom when you need to. There are loads of other examples of converting spaces to have multiple purposes, and doing this is a quick way to conserve space in your home. 

No matter what steps you decide to follow from the ones we've outlined above, you can improve your results, or speed up your transformations by giving yourself access to Olympia self-storage space. Choose a reliable self-storage provider like us, and you'll have the Olympia storage room you need to hold seasonal items, to temporarily place furniture, and to make other major modifications to your home as you reorganize it.