3 Ways to Update Your Living Room Space

Admin | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If spring has you ready to do some cleaning and updating to your home, Extra Storage’s Olympia self-storage has a few ideas for updating your living room space.


Although renovations and updates can be huge projects, we’ve put together a list of 3 simple ways to renovate and update your space without too much effort — and without totally tearing apart your house!


First, Declutter with Baskets or Bins  


The first thing that will go a long way in updating your living room space is to simply declutter. You may notice that the more your living room is used, the more clutter it accumulates. Luckily, there’s an easy solution.


Find decorative baskets or bins that match your living room’s style, and use them as mini storage units. They’ll look chic and nobody will know that they’re holding all the knickknacks and random items that used to clutter up your dressers and drawers in the living room.

Baskets or bins are a great looking way to “catch-all,” meaning anything that tends to accumulate and collect dust can go inside and the basket or bin will just look like a decoration for your living room.


Second, Swap Out Rugs and Art   

Another easy way to update your living room space is to start a little collection of rugs and artwork and swap it out seasonally, monthly, or quarterly.

Find a few rugs with pops of color that match your style or the season. Artwork can be a great way to change the mood and feel of your living room, as well as a great conversation piece. 


Having a couple of different rugs and art pieces will make your home feel like a new space each time you swap them out. Extra Storage has plenty of Olympia storage if you need a bit of extra space to store those extra rugs or art.


 Third, Use Your Wall Space 

The last step that can really update and improve your living room space goes hand-in-hand with step two, and that is to use your wall space creatively.

Generally, in any given room, flat surfaces like dressers and countertops get used to store things and display photographs, while wall space usually goes unused. Installing vertical shelving is a great and simple way to change that, as it then allows you to store things on the walls rather than on the spaces around the living room.

And, along with storage, using wall space rather than flat surfaces to display art and photographs will make them more visible and will leave you more space for other things. 


Extra Storage Has Olympia Self-Storage to Free Up Space  

If you find after all this that you still have a few more things than you have space for, Extra’s storage units can help. We can store your items — big or small — to help you create the living room space of your dreams. Plus, we’re always running special discounts and promotions, so check out our website and see how our storage units can help you reduce clutter in your living room.