Using Olympia Self-Storage After the Pandemic

Admin | May 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

It can feel foreign when going back to using self-storage services after being in quarantine for so long. That's why we put together a guide on making the most of our Olympia storage units when you go back to everyday living situations once again. Of course, you should still follow social distancing practices and maintain good sanitation while accessing your self-storage unit, but with our tips, you can start getting back into everyday uses for your storage again. Read to learn how to get the best storage and to make the most of that unit once you have it. 

Get the Right Sized Unit for You

One of the most important decisions that you have to make when choosing storage units for your belongings is the size of the unit you want to get. With units as small as a compact storage locker and as large as a 10' x 30' storage space, you have loads of options to work with to get just the right amount of space for your needs. Consider what you have to store, and utilize online storage guides to help you determine which unit size is going to work best for you. Doing this research can help you save in a big way over time. 

Invest in a Secure Space

A good secure storage facility, like the units we offer here at Extra Storage, will help you keep your valuables safe while they're stored away. Each one of our units is equipped with alarms, our location is monitored with video equipment and the gated entry helps keep everyone safe and secure here. You can add on protective insurance to the contents of your unit as well if you like for some added peace-of-mind.

Package and Organize Your Valuables with Care

While putting all your extra into storage it's important to take the time to package them properly. That means boxing up items, taping them shut, packing moisture-sensitive items into water-resistant plastic bins, and padding delicate items to help keep them safe. If you take just a few additional minutes to pack up your valuables more carefully you will preserve the integrity of your valuables. Along with packing everything into boxes and containers carefully, it's also important to label all your containers and to stack them up in an orderly way. Try to group like items together, and leave rows to walk through your unit so you can access everything without unpacking your belongings. This is especially important if you plan on taking some items out and storing new items throughout the year. 

Maintain an Inventory and Go Through Your Supply

Another key to making the most of Olympia self-storage units is to create an inventory of your belongings as you stack everything up and put it away. If you have an in-depth inventory that you keep at home, you'll know where everything is located in your storage as well as what items you can go through and get rid of overtime. This step takes some serious time but will help you manage your storage much more efficiently. You should also go through your unit at least once a year and get rid of the extra items that you no longer need. Taking this step will help you cut down on the clutter and could help you avoid needing a larger unit as you accumulate more items over time. 

With a high-quality self-storage unit to rely on like the ones at Extra Storage, you have an effective tool for minimizing clutter and protecting your valuables. Just make sure you're making the most of this space and staying safe while doing it. Follow these simple guidelines to use your self-storage safely and effectively.