Optimize Your Wardrobe Space with Self-Storage

Admin | August 24, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Starting your day endlessly searching through your closets for something to wear is frustrating. This act isn't just unnecessary; it also wastes time you could be using on something else. The trick to getting over this problem isn't just choosing your outfits the day before. It's using home storage ideas to transform your closet too. 

If you don't know where your most important pieces of clothing are within moments of opening your closet, you could probably improve a few things. We offer some simple tips below to help you do just that. If you follow all our steps and you still have clutter to remove, consider using Olympia storage units to help you clear out even more space. 

Remove the Things You Don't Love

The first step and the one that's often most difficult is to go through your home storage space you have dedicated to your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothing items you don't love. Anything you don't wear regularly should be removed from the space entirely. 

Use this opportunity to choose items you will get rid of permanently, and also to set aside pieces you want to keep, but won't wear often. Place these things into self-storage, and give away or sell the rest. You should now have a more reasonable starting point to work from while following the rest of our steps. 

Separate into Categories

Organize the clothing that remains into categories any way you like. Make sure the categories make sense to you and that they will be efficient to work with. You can go with something simple like shirts with shirts and pants with pants, or you can organize by style, color, season or anything really. 

Use Boxes, Dividers, and Special Hangers

If you need more room for clothing in your closet, you can make a huge difference with specialized tools like storage boxes, box dividers, and special hangers. The boxes give you space to store certain items, such as t-shirts, more compactly than you can by hanging them.

Making an investment into wardrobe storage organizer supplies like these will help you fit more clothing without making your space feel overwhelming. You can get ultra-thin hangers, or stacked hangers and virtually double your hanging space in minutes. 

Roll Clothes and Box Bulky Pieces

All the storage boxes you've incorporated into your closet work well to hold t-shirts and bulky items too. Tightly fold up bulky items and get them away from the hangers in your closet. Roll up t-shirts, lightweight pants, and other thin items and place them into boxes and keep them organized with dividers. 

Ditch Seasonal Items

Finally, if you haven't done so already, box up any seasonal items you won't be wearing this season and place them in your Olympia storage unit. If you don't have a unit yet, talk with local suppliers, and get a unit that's secure with the space you need. 

Here at Extra Storage in Olympia, we offer heavily protected storage units in small sizes up through units the size of a garage. Find wardrobe storage ideas and other items you don't want cluttering up your home, just be careful to keep your storage unit organized to make it as effective as possible.