What Not to Store in a Storage Unit

Admin | May 11, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Most people don't think about what they put into their Olympia storage until after they already have a problem because of what they stored. That's why it's important to take a moment to think about the items you should never put into a self-storage unit. 

Below are some of the most common problem items we see stored, and why they should be avoided whenever possible, you might be surprised to see that you've stored one of these items before. 


It's generally a bad idea to store perishables such as food items within your storage unit. These items will go bad without you realizing it, they can lead to mold or poor smells, and can even cause damage to other items you have in storage. Avoid perishables whenever possible as a general rule. 

Scented Items

One rule for storing items in Olympia storage units that might not be immediately obvious is that you should avoid storing scented items such as candles, essential oils, and cleaning products whenever possible. That's because these items often attract pests and can lead to a bug or rodent infestation. Even the most secure storage unit in Olympia could suffer from an infestation if there are enough scented items stored inside the unit.

Hazardous Materials and Illegal Substances

This might seem like a given, but many people store toxic or combustible items in self-storage without even thinking about it. This includes any hazardous materials or substances such as gasoline, propane, oil, grease, chemicals, cleaners, or paint as well as fireworks or explosives.

Hazardous materials also include anything considered an illegal substance and anything radioactive. Weapons such as firearms and ammunition are also not allowed to be stored on the premises or in your storage unit.

Part of the reason is due to potential temperature fluctuations over time, those substances could combust, leak, or do damage to your property and the property around your unit. The other reason is some items are illegal to store in a storage unit such as unregistered vehicles, weapons, illegal substances, and living things.

Anything Living

Some people have wondered if it would be possible to live in their storage unit. And the answer is no. It is illegal for someone to live in a storage unit. It is also illegal to store animals and anything else that requires light, food, or water to survive like plants. Storage units are not suited for livable life and are meant for non-living and non-perishable items.


Still have more questions about what not to store in a self-storage unit in Olympia, Washington? Feel free to give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and answer all of your questions.